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The Full Story


4Real is the largest company in Israel that specializes in lifting eyelashes and eyebrows in Israel,
Here you will find a very wide range of products and materials for lifting eyelashes and eyebrow lifting of the highest quality on the market!
In addition, we invite you to professional digital courses in the field of lashes and eyebrows.
We support all the innovative technologies in the field  , And are constantly updated with all the innovative methods in the field in the world.
 קורסים הרמת ריסים וגבות

So what do we actually have?

 ✔ Save money!  ✔ Without leaving the house!  ✔ Anywhere and anytime!

Our courses

✔ Lash lift ✔ Eyebrow lift  ✔ Eyebrow shaping and coloring exam 
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What do you get in the course?

✔ Course  High-quality HD video for up to an hour
✔ International training certificate at the end of the course
✔ You will receive a code and password to view the course without restriction 
✔ A clear and precise close perspective of the treatment 
✔ Detailed explanation of each step in the treatment process 
✔ Viewing from anywhere and at any time in the Hebrew language 
✔ Access to the course from both mobile and computer 
לאחר Post-course guidance from our team of experts
WhatsApp customer service 

*  After watching the course, you will receive a discount coupon for purchasing products on our website *

In addition, you can also find simpler tutorials with us, including the appropriate kit
For home use or for someone who has learned to raise eyebrows in the old method with glue and wants to improve her skills.

Eyebrow Lifting Tutorial -  Business beauticians 
✔ Eyebrow Lifting Tutorial-   Personal home use for do it yourself at home 

Super easy to shape the eyebrows and no previous experience required!

With us, you can purchase a selection of products and materials for a variety of different techniques in the field, even without a course  


Materials for lifting lashes and lifting individual eyebrows can be purchased without a full kit

Directly in WhatsApp

Express delivery / collection from distribution centers Customer service in WhatsApp 24/7 

The quality of the materials and the training is the main thing! We do not compromise on that!

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