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סיכת מתיחה לגבות


 Single and double stretch back and front traction pin

Hair pin from 4REAL for stretching the eyebrows and the poor
In less than a minute you will get a Fox eyes look

The pin that gives the eye and eyebrow area a taut look is fresher, younger and sexier.

The traction tape is attached by a pin from both face hunters with two professional pins that do not damage the hair and are not released from the hair and then you will get a maximum traction in less than a minute
The stretch film can be reduced or increased to the desired size
And you can play with the size of the stretch and set it as you wish.

Our pin comes in two single or double models
And you can choose a color according to the color of your hair
Black, brown and blonde

and most importantly...
That they will not see and did not know.


New Collection

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