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 4REAL Israel Company 
Invites you to specialize in the field of beauty and cosmetics

Want to acquire another profession? 
Dreaming of retraining?
Want to expand your customer base?
Looking for a groundbreaking innovative international technique?
You learned eyelash and eyebrow lifting and still not happy with the result  Your final?

You came to the right place !!!
It's your time to learn all the secrets of the profession ...

      1. Natural eyelash lifting course including its colors  
      2. Natural eyebrow lifting course including its colors 
3. Eyebrow shaping and coloring course exam

International digital (non-zoom) course
The only one of its kind in Israel, a comprehensive and detailed professional
The course is taught by an international master !!! 

The only international digital (non-zoom) course of its kind in Israel, a comprehensive and detailed professional !!! 
For the first time in Israel, the course is taught by an international master

A special and unique method that will make you number 1 in the field!

ליWithout leaving the house
✔ Everywhere
✔At all times

You will be able to perform the treatment in the best and most professional way and get clients straight at the end of the course 

This curriculum will allow you to make more money in less work time and fill out your diary! 
Each treatment lasts up to 20-45 minutes 
Each treatment is charged between 250 -400 NIS 

Results of the students' certification tests after the course in the following video ▼▼▼

התלמידות שלנו ממליצות 

marble-01 (1).jpg

"Spring has arrived in the coming operation" 
Operation April
Three courses for only NIS 999  


Eyelash lift course including coloring     
Eyebrow lifting course including coloring
Eyebrow shaping and coloring exam

. On the Bit website - you can pay on the website in 3 equal payments (333 NIS) without interest or in  

! The original price for the 3 courses is 4320 NIS
... The price of the courses will increase immediately after the end of the operation while

הרשמו עכשיו - לזמן מוגבל !!
בעלות של
3X ₪ 333 תשלומים !

ניתן לשלם באתר ב-3 תשלומים שווים 333ש"ח 
ללא ריבית
באתר Bit ובאפליקציה  

! המחיר המקורי ל3 הקורסים הוא 4320 ש"ח
...מחיר הקורסים יעלה מידית לאחר סיום המבצע בעוד

עוד אופציות לקורסים במבצע 

How can you acquire a profession through our digital course?
very simple !

  • Immediately after registering for the course, you will receive an email and a password to view the course without restriction 

  • Viewing the course is  In HD quality  From a close, clear and precise point of view.

  • The course is taught in Hebrew 

  • After watching the course we coordinated  Personal counselor call  To your questions and receive unique tips for success. 

  • At the end of the consultation, you will be given a detailed explanation of all the materials and we will prepare an organized product cart for purchase on the website, where you will use the discount coupon .  That you will receive at the end of the course.

  •   After placing the order, the order will be sent to you by courier to your home and will arrive within 48 hours .

  • While you wait for the kit, you can watch the course from your mobile as well as your computer  From anywhere and at any time 

  • When you receive the order you apply the treatment process to a human model, step by step according to the detailed course 

  • At the end of the treatment, you are asked to send us before-after photos with a short video of the treatment.

  •   After having your work examined by our experts you will receive an international certification certificate.

  • Our customer service is available for any of your questions and will accompany you  Both mobile and WhatsApp  During the course and also after its completion.

  •   Another benefit is receiving advertising on our social media for years of exposure and getting a job in the field

* The course is suitable for the general public for women and men alike.
* No clinic needed and no prior knowledge required.

* Click on the image You can always see more results of thousands of our students on Instagram  

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